The Byzantine Origin of Meskel

Meskel with its Damera and the lighting of torches on the eve…. What is this all about? What has the cross of the Christ to do with bonfires and flaming hoye-hoyes? I have already heard about the origin of the feast of Meskel and its association with Eleni, the mother of Constantine the Great. So […]


Watch Out For the Left

In our (Christian) culture, the devil is sometimes known as Gebru Akhelay (the left-handed demon), and in case you are walking alone at night, he is there to give you a big slap (wham!) with the left hand and you would need to visit the nearest priest in order to recover completely from its effects. […]


ኦቢ ወዲ ጣባ

ኣታ ጥዑም ድሃይ ወደ’ስመራ: ተወሊድካ ኣዕዋፍ ክዝመራ: ኣሞታትካ ድጉል ክፍሕራ: ኣብ ንፋስ ኣውጺኤን ንኸጕህራ: ገዓት ከቝርሳኣ ነታ ስድራ። መተዓብይትኻ ክዝክሩ: ንጥዑም ጠባይካ ይምስክሩ: ሰብ ዘይኮነስ ዋላ እታ ጭሩ: ዝረኣዩዎ ዘበለ ይነግሩ። ኣንታ ብርሃን ገጹ ኣሽዓላ: ኣየወ እቲ ዕላል እቲ ዳእላ: ንኹላ ከም ንህቢ ዕስላ: ትእክባ ካብ ታሕታ ናብ ላዕላ: ስድራ ቤትካስ ከመይ ተዓዲላ። እቲ ፈቃር […]


ምትሃታዊት ተለቪዥን

ሙሴ ናብ ከተማ ደንቨር፡ ኮሎራዶ፡ ካብ ዝቕይር ብዙሕ ናይ ባህርይ ለውጢ ገይሩ ኢዩ። “ከም ቀደምካ የለኻን… እንታይ ዝኾንይካዮ ኣለካ ድዩ?” ዝብልዎ ሰባት ውሑዳት ኣይነበሩን። ንሱ ግን ኩሉ ግዜ መልሲ ከይሃበ፡ ፍሽኽ ኢሉ ኢዩ ኣርእስቲ ዝቕይሩ ዘረባታት ዘምጽእ ዝነበረ። ሙሴ ሓደ ካብቶም ሓደ ዓመት ይገብር ካብ ሽመልባ ዝበሃል ናይ ስደተኛታት መዓስከር (ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ) ናብ ኣመሪካ ተሰዲዱ […]


The Decline Of Truth

What is truth? This question has been asked by many thinkers in the past, including Pontius Pilate, in vain. Some came forward with the right answer. But nobody wanted to hear them. For some, truth is relative, while for others it is absolute, especially for such as believe in prophetic religions. But absolute truth which […]


The Decline of Creativity

When we were kids, in the 1950s, we used to construct (or modify) our own toys and loved to play with them. We made our own wheels (inklil) for trundling along as we went on errands, and crafted our own dolls which we kissed and told it was beddy-bye time. Toy machines with cranks and […]


True Love

Does love exist in animals? Yes. But they don’t elevate it to the degree that humans tend to carry it to the seventh heaven. For them love is a prerequisite for sex and they see nothing before and after it. It comes in the form of pheromone: the smell comes form the female animal and […]


A Short History Of Mirrors

Mirrors had been invented by Mesopotamians 5000 years ago while most Europeans lived in caves clubbing each other to death and laughing at their reflections on water holes. It is told that the ancient Egyptians used mirrors (probably polished metal) to reflect the sun’s rays into the dark chambers of the pyramids. They knew that […]

The Birth of the son of God

Self-Sacrifice: A Lost Virtue

For some people it is easier to hate than to love, although to love is natural and takes no energy at all. It is said that hating saps one’s energy and dims the intellect. But hatred can also help you to accomplish a task if you want to do it that way. Some people are […]